Wednesday Word

Me: I need a Wednesday Word for tomorrow

My cousin, Erinn: What is that?

Me: A quote. Something inspiring or motivational. Never mind.

Erinn: No, I have one!

Me: What?

Erinn: Do or do not. There is no try.

Me: That’s not inspiring.

Erinn: Yes, it is. It’s like JUST DO IT!

Me: Yes, but some people do try and still don’t do it. I don’t want those people to feel bad.

Erinn: But they should try harder and just do it.


Me: Okay, fine. I’m convinced. I kind of agree and also we’ll be late to the movies.

My cousin, Maurice: You know Yoda said that?

Me: Who is Yoda?

My cousins at the same time: Star Wars!

Me: Oh yea

Erinn: Mannnnn what do you do in New York anyway?

Maurice: She just blogs all day I think. Who reads your blog anyway?


Happy Wednesday,



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