Encore! Encore!

You remember in 1999 when someone said beanie babies were being discontinued and everyone freaked out and sales went up? Then we found out the animal shaped bean bags were here to stay? Yea…that’s kind of what I tried to do. “Tysomeones is ending y’all. Tell your kids! Tell your boss! Everyone subscribe before it ends!” Yet, here I stand (I’m laying down in my bed).

The good news is: I’m kidding. I didn’t do that. I would never lie to you–only to potential suitors about my past. The not so good news is: my blog is still ending on January 12th.
I wanted the blog to end on January 1st. The symbolism would have been perfect, but time escaped me. I usually follow the Persian new year anyway. This started in 2007 when my friend told me the Persian New Year was after January 1st. Word?! I’d have more time to procrastinate? Count. Me. In. So here I am in 2015 late in ending my blog. Sorry optimists, change is harder than you think, but rest assured I’m trying.
The last week of blogging will include short stories, interviews, and a Wednesday word palooza. I’ll also update my book list because so many of you want to know what I’m reading my cousin in Nashville really likes that section and the Dinner Parties section because so many of you care where I eat my boss really likes that section. If you want to follow my writing then I suggest you follow me on Twitter, call and ask how I’m doing or steal my phone which has a bunch of random drafts in the Notes section. However, I’d rather you do the first two because the third is cruel and this blog is about great people doing great things.

Thank you, happy new year, happy Persian new year in a few months, and cheers to new beginnings!



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