In ten years I will be…

Chillin-Justin Gaymon

What will I be doing in ten days?  Hopefully in ten years I will have traveled the world and made it back to Atlanta ready to settle down.-Keller Blincoe

Married with three healthy children and completing my work at Headquarters in DC before moving elsewhere to settle down.-Alia El-Sawi

Hopefully I will continued to be blessed to see the world, surrounded by loved ones, happy and positive and in love…and creating my own brand encompassing everything creative!-Rebecca Gore Pinto

A partner in a hedge fund or retired living on a beach in Orange County.-Justin Weiss

A sports marketing executive, married and a father-Shannon Joyner

Well traveled.-Holly Swersky

Covered in more tattoos.-Gavin Godfrey

Living in some new part of the globe, doing work that I love, possibly starting a family, and as always, still learning and exploring.-Keaton Kidist Allen-Gessesse

Just happy and healthy, I hope.-Gerry Randolph

Good question. Ask me in 2022 and I’ll tell you.-Shideh Sherry Almasi

In the wise words of Drake, I just wanna be successful.-Michael Harney

Overseeing the successful operations of The Dirty Wolverine as it curates various artistic and community oriented events.-Ashlee Arder

Fucking rich. Just kidding. Ten years? Hopefully, settling into my profession. All I ask and this is foreal…all I ask is to be satisfied with where I am and what I’m doing, but still with an urge to desire and learn more. Oh, wait! Does your mom read this blog?Mmhm. Then please change fucking rich to freaking.-Jonathan Elmore

In ten years I hope to have a family and still be doing what I love for a living.-Reed Sorenson

A practicing lawyer, a published author, traveling often, married with three children, and owner of a golden retriever named Basquiat.-Jahaan Shaheed

The Chief Marketing Officer of Mobile Roadie, managing musical acts, probably married with maybe a kid or 2, living in California, possibly formulating my next tech startup idea.-Drew Leahy

Well, this is a hopefully. I trust I will be exactly where I am supposed to be. I will hopefully be a mom, a wife, and have a successful finance job. I want to work to play…life is so much better that way!-Morgan Rigney

Finding a new way to save our future generations…-Ahmed Ahmed

In ten years I’ll be 33. According to my life plan I need to be married and my last child will be one years old. I’ll either be living full time in the developing world, or finding a way to spend at least half of my time there. I’ll have found my better half, and be growing and evolving with them each and everyday. Most importantly I’ll be happy with the choices I’ve made and the people I’ve influenced.-Jovan Julien

Gosh! If only I knew. I’m a huge planner, but that one just might have to be in God’s hands.-Margaret Parham Holt

I’ll be happily married to my life partner. I’ll have my PhD. And I’ll try to make people happy.-Jordan Curry

I have no idea what I’ll be doing. If you asked me this a year ago I couldn’t have told you. I never foresaw myself selling belts so honestly I could be doing anything.-Robbie Hart

Oh man. Helping to drive a message that will make a difference.-Dan Koessler

A pediatric infectious disease specialist, wife, mother and resident of Atlanta, Georgia again (thankfully).-Claire Kendall Bush

I’ll be happy, healthy, wealthy…God willing. Maybe married? Maybe kids? Who knows, but as long as the first three are in order then I can handle anything else life throws my way.-Bryan Dumas

Having made it in New York-Andy Andisheh Baraghani

Running an avant-garde design shop with a focus on typography and visual identity.-Ritu Kanoria

Hopefully married with children and working hard to be the best husband and father I can be!-Eric Duncan

In ten years I will be divorced from Kim Kardashian and Kanye will write a song about how I have horrible taste in clothes and cars.-Alex Stein

Hopefully having a show at an NYC gallery with Robin Beck writing about my work.-Hattie Pearson

Hopefully continuing to grow and inspire people.-Tom Peled

DJing on the side at a small lounge for hipsters over 30, watching my husband at the bar send his last work email and drinking a strong glass of scotch. All while enjoying the laughter and old dances of my friends on the dance floor. Hopefully no one will be doing the stanky leg. Or drinking Natural light.-Nikki Dement

I will be doing something so cool, I can’t even think of what it is right now (laughs). I think the cool thing about my life right now is, if you asked me that question when I was 15 I would say “Oh, I’ll be an editor blah blah blah.” But I never would have thought I’d be leading the section of a site, making major decisions, living on my own in NYC making big girl decisions. So in 10 years, I want to exceed the expectations that I have for myself. I want to blow the roof off of my own ceiling and be at a level I never imagined. I’m not sure what that looks like exactly, but I’m gonna do my damn best to get there.-Danielle Cadet

Content, as in happy. Happy with the decisions I’ve made over the last 10 years and excited about the next 10, knowing I’m headed in the right direction. Surrounded by good people and good things. And eating ice cream.-Sam Todd

Crying in a dark corner listening to Drake because I’m almost 40. No, probably babysitting your kids trying to straighten them out while also watching my kids hoop in the backyard. Somewhere in there you will be shopping acting as if you are 25 and mom will be hovering over me telling some story she has told me 100,000 times. Sounds about right. Why didn’t you ask me about your pacifier? Or about the fact that you couldn’t say your R’s? Or the way you acted when you couldn’t go to prom sophomore year?-Kim Beck

In ten years, Rihanna will be 36, I’ll be 35 and probably still unable to be decisive about what venue to drink at on my birthday.-Sam Duboff

Running my own school, living by the beach and raising my children.-Cleopatra Lamothe

In love. With a person, place or thing? With life. You thought I was going to get all mushy huh? You said you get shy so I wasn’t sure if you’d name names. Not this time. I have no idea what the future holds, but I know I’ll be in love with it. That’s all that matters.-Nick Hamlett

in ten years I will be living in an exotic place with my family, husband and three kids, and other fabulous additions- whatever family and friend that wants to join the easy living clan. With my non-profit established and a successful business for affordable travel and exploration all the time! The book “4 hour workweek” is def preaching to me.-Shamora Merrit

All we do in law school is plan five years out. Ten years out, too. It’s terrible. So this was the one question I predicted and was dreading. Really? I thought the questions on war, race and bans on gay marriage were pretty dreadful. You aced the hardballs and get caught up on this? Ten years is 2024. I’ll be eight years into my career then. I hope to do a judicial clerkship for two years. Who knows where I’ll start my career — government, private practice, non-profit, etc. Ultimately, in ten years I hope I’m doing something that accords with my law school application’s personal statement— Justice/Equality work. That was a good question Robin. It’s a good way for me to think about my career.-Jonathan Flack

I’m never good with this one, but I suppose I will have reached a point where I can have a lot of work, and a lot of family, and I’ll be taking care of both.-Malik Washington

married hopefully with two children. I will be living in a nice house back in Atlanta pretty close to my parents. I would love to be in a high level capacity in a public school district or a marketer at a major media, entertainment or technology company. I want to be active in my church, community and at my children’s school. I also want to be a season football ticket holder for UGA and/or the Falcons.-Darryl Tricksey

I’ve actually been thinking about this one a lot lately. It’s so hard to say. Very little of the life I predicted for myself at 16 has come to be, so my current track record doesn’t exactly scream accuracy. I’d like to think the fundamental elements I’ve wanted in my life have stayed consistent so I’ll say that in 10 years I’ll be a good, loyal friend and I’ll be helping others and hopefully contributing to a better world for all. I hope to still be close with many of the people in my life now. As for specifics, I’m very open to what the universe has in store. I could see myself still living in New York, but could also see a return to some part of the South. And what if they send you to the church when you get back? There’s nothing wrong with a little church’ing!-Rachel Stephens

Oh no, this is too much. Probably back in California or at least somewhere I can have a dog and ride horses
again.-Sarah Nash


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