Dinner Parties

 Well I was really into dinner parties for like..umm..a month. Then I felt like this:

7b02dffb4f6c88f87838102d5e96b718 But I have gone to some super cute restaurants. See below.

Gypsy Kitchen (Atlanta) 


Hundred Acres

hundred acres




Good for: Dinner for two or a small group. I went with three great friends from elementary

What’d ya get? Started with the Gin-ivieve cocktail. It had honey gin, lemon and sugar. The table split pimiento cheese and raw vegetables, hushpuppies, deviled eggs, hanger steak, jalapeno grits and salad

Was it good? The food was good, but pricey




Good for: A romantic date. I went with one of my best friends, but I felt like I should’ve been drinking wine with my right hand, holding someone’s hand with my left and discussing our future.

What’d ya get? Fettuccine del Quartino: Fettuccine w/avocado & tomatoes + mojito.

Was it good? The food tasted healthy in a good way. Not huge portions, but fresh and tasty. A little heavy on the avocado (yes there’s  such thing)

Carroll Place 


Good for: Happy hour, fun dinner with friends-wine on tap!

What’d ya get? The Rucola Pizza tastes like heaven. One of my favorites in the city (sorry Artichoke lovas) It has tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano, arugula & lemon dressing. The lemon dressing is everything. Also, the brussels sprouts!

Was it good? This is one of my favorite places. Kind of like The Smith-no surprises, just standard good food

Root and Bone  


Good for: A good ol’ southern craving for any occasion (I wouldn’t suggest big groups)

What’d ya get: Half bucket of fried chicken, seed sea salt biscuits, grits and rose to drink!

Was it good? I came home and went straight to bed. Yes–you can take the girl out the south, but…


“Eating is so intimate. It’s very sensual. When you invite someone to sit at your table and you want to cook for them, you’re inviting a person into your life.” – Maya Angelou 

I had my first dinner party in NYC last night. It was my first mainly because my old apartment only had room for one chair. Also the last time I went to a dinner party we played Never Have I Ever and it blew up in flames. Why we played a drinking game over pasta I’ll never know, but please don’t do that. Don’t ever, ever do that. Now when I say party I mean there were three guests. Hey, its New York after all! Every month I am going to invite three friends over for dinner. I hope you’ll join me soon. 



Who: Jordan, Matt and Carmelle

What: Mexican Fiesta

When: January 15th

Where: My table

Conversation: Carmelle talked about a commercial she was helping with at work, the G train in Brooklyn and being vegan. Jordan talked about relationships, guacamole and the spotty internet connections. I talked about dinner plates, not knowing a G train existed and John Legend. Matt liked the lemonade and did a whole lot of listening. Thanks Matt.


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